Choosito is an excellent resource. Choosito personalizes web content for students by reading level and subject while providing tools such as an evaluation and citation tool that will help provide enhanced inquiry based learning opportunities.

Submitted 5 years ago
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Overall, Choosito is a very valuable tool that teachers can use in their classrooms. It is very simple to hand a computer to a student and ask them to research a topic. With that being said, the student can easily get lost and will not have the appropriate skills needed to appropriately conduct research. Choosito filters and tools push for a more personalized and inquiry driven research approach that would benefit any classroom.

How I Use It

Choosito provides inquiry based learning opportunities for students by providing personalized content for students that they will be able to use to build upon their learning. I have used Choosito for research lessons, to help build media literacy and digital citizenship skills through the use of the Choosito Evaluation & Citation Tools. With all of the "Fake News" stories floating around on the web, it is important for students to apply critical evaluation within all searches. Choosito allows for these opportunities.