It's Breakout EDU Go Team!

Submitted 3 years ago
Amy B.
Amy B.
Media Specialist
Chugach Optional Elementary
Anchorage AK, US
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My Take

I have witnessed students problem-solving, being challenged, persevering and working as a team while working on a Breakout challenge. I appreciate the cooperation that needs to happen amongst the students through the challenge. I appreciate that all learners can shine during this experience. i appreciate that Breakout EDU celebrates anyone who tries the challenge, not just those who complete the challenge. I am trying to figure how I can get students from their classrooms to be able to create their own breakout challenges. The breakout boxes and locks are expensive. I know teachers who have made their own. Thankfully a teacher received a grant for our boxes.

How I Use It

Our school has 6 breakout boxes. This helps the whole class to work on a breakout challenge in small groups. As the librarian, I have used breakout challenges provided from the website. I used different resources to create a Dr Seuss challenge. I have worked with our PE teacher to create a PE challenge because the website didn't have physical challenges. It has been helpful to have three classes doing the same breakout challenge throughout the week. It takes time to prepare the boxes initially. After each challenge, I figure out easier ways to reuse the clues with different classes. Writing down the clues from the previous challenge helps when you need to change the lock clues for the next challenge. It takes practice and deep breaths - totally worth it!