Is it cheating?

Submitted 2 years ago
Tristan H.
Tristan H.
Wisconsin Virtual Academy (Wiva)
Mc Farland WI, US
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As a teaching tool, this isn't really great. A lot of reviews say that it's a "cheating" site; and yes, kids DO use it just to look up the answers for their homework. But is that REALLY cheating? If the answer is on the internet, those same kids are going to be able to find it if they need it. It's the same thing with calculators. In today's day and age, we're ALWAYS going to have calculators handy. And kids are ALWAYS going to be able to go online and "cheat". Does it help the kids understand the content? Heck no. But it DOES get them through school, and school subjects aren't very useful in the real world anyways.

How I Use It

Brainly is a website that's used for students to look up answers to questions they may have. It's a user-based platform, meaning that users who answer questions get points, and they can then use those points to ASK questions. Most of the questions on Brainly are just ripped straight out of homework assignments; most users are just looking for the right answer to get a good grade. There are a lot of point farmers (people who answer with something random (not answering the question) to get points) and there's also a ton of wrong answers, but most of those are rooted out through the answer rating system, the report and answer system, and the comments system. If you're smart with it, it's not a huge problem.

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