Bring your math lessons to life!

Submitted 9 years ago
Vanessa S.
Vanessa S.
Whitehall Elementary School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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My Take

This website is really awesome! I love the fact that there are so many different lessons to choose from: Expressions & Equations, Functions, Geometry, Number System, Ratios & Proportions, and Stats & Probability. Within those topics there is a wide range of lessons to choose from. I love the fact that it can engage all learners at one point or another. As a teacher, it is off setting that you have to pay for it. Therefore, having the school district pay for it might be the way to go. However, for a 1 teacher it is only $59, and for a classroom it is $95 a year. So, it is affordable. Do the free 10 day trial to check it out!

How I Use It

This website is a great addition to the Math classroom! It for sure geared towards different learning styles. Students are engaged visually with the lesson, tactically with the manipulatives, and gifted students are enriched through the challenge. I use the LESSON section as a way to hook students in the beginning of the lesson, or to supplement my lesson. The whole group can participate in the manipulative section, or if a small group is not catching onto the skill, they can engage that way. This has it all!