Bouncy the People Trainer is a great app that allows for children to work on their responsibility and express their creative abilities through customization an avatar, while learning and being able to process delicate information in a fun way !

Submitted 2 years ago
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Bouncy the People Trainer is a great tool that allows for children to partake various activities with Bouncy as their instructor. A main take away from this app is ability to customize an avatar. Through customization, children are not only able to hone their creativeness and add their own touch of uniqueness to their avatar, but are given the opportunity to become aware and recognize other physical characteristics, such as different skin colors, hair colors, and eye colors. For the targeted age group, Pre-K through First, this element is a great source of awareness for children, alongside the ability to express themselves, whether it be making their character have pink hair or purple eyes ! The software is an interactive story, an aspect that allows for students to take charge and develop the game to their liking. Children are gifted the task of modifying the story to their liking, and are given the responsibility to take the story in whatever direction they choose. One important aspect to note, however, is the fact that Bouncy does bring users along the journey of learning some real life situations, that many children may have yet to been exposed to such as adoption, service dogs, etc, so please take into consideration accessing the sensibility for any at-risk students, before exposing them to the software. In my thoughts the software should be used in a 20-25 minute window, and would be especially helpful in smaller groups supervised by counselors, in which would allow for students to have ongoing discussions about the material discussed.

How I Use It

Personally, I would recommend for this app to be utilized in a small group or one-on-one setting, as it involves storylines that many students may have yet to been exposed to, such as adoption, in which would need explanation and provokes a healthy discussion. With a 20 minute time window, I believe the app allows for students to learn delicate life issues in a delicate way.