Great Ability to See the Human Body in 3-D.

Submitted 7 years ago
Shannon L.
Shannon L.
Deshler High School
Deshler NE, US
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My Take

This a great site which is easily available to my students who are one to one. It works great to enhance our learning beyond diagrams. One of the great features that it now has the ability for the students to create their own labels. It also works well for creating screen shots of the bones and muscles from a different angle than what you normally see it. My students also enjoy dissection tool that allows you to see layers below it.

How I Use It

I use this site to show and review the bone and muscle anatomy before anatomy quizzes and tests.
Students practice the structures of the bones and muscles independently from class time. I also encourage them to use it when the are identifying structures when assembling the dis-articulated skeleton. We use the muscle layers when we make clay muscle models.