Wow! The Human Body is Amazing!

Submitted 8 years ago
Julie C.
Julie C.
Falcon Creek Middle School
Aurora CO, US
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My Take

This tool is amazing. I like that it can be used in a browser. The tools are great and useful. I do not like the community portion of the site. The free portion is adequate for middle and high school.

How I Use It

I was asked to find a resource for the science teacher to use. I was mesmerized at the detail and worried the science teacher and students wouldn't like it. Was I wrong! To get through it without getting lost, specific tasks need to be assigned, it is an excellent tool for discovering the systems of the human body and common conditions that are associated with each system. Students have a way to see what parts are in each system and explore different parts of the body. This could be used in teacher led instruction, in small groups or individually assigned.