A wealth of resources on Asia for educators to make learning robust and rich in primary sources and information.

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Connor  P.
Connor P.
Technology Coach/ Afterschool electives teacher
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Asia Society is one of the leading websites in the support of the study of Asia and has a wealth of resources for educators that can broaden their background in teaching this important content to students. The site has a variety of content links and one of the best is the social issues tab where current issues are discussed in detail. It can be hard to find student resources on the site, but one of the strongest is the China game, and the Life in New China resources. The website is more driven to educators and policymakers but resources can often be found here that are unavailable in other locations, especially current population and economic data.

How I Use It

This site can be used to broaden an educator's background in content on Asia in general, but can also be used to support student learning. Consider having your students complete the following: 1) Use the pictograph game to learn about early writing in Asia rather than depending on content from Egypt alone. 2) Have students research current issues in Asia using the Asia Society website and then look at other resources online to compare other articles from different viewpoints. 3) Use the arts section of the website to have students look at the different arts around the world and have online access to different performances and exhibitions. Overall, the website is a wealth of content resources and can be easily integrated in the classroom setting if educators and students are willing to navigate it and dig around a bit to find what they are looking for.