Interactive Human Body Exploration

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

After having reviewed this tool, the following is my evaluation considering the - SAMR- Blooms Taxonomy & TPACK learning process in the classroom:
A. Technology Application: It has a moderately high access to technology application in the classroom. It allows student's independent manipulation of the tool/ app, while being properly guided by the teacher. The video clip integration is fairly good which increases students focus and attention. The real life connectivity of the topic is easily available through the supportive links and other web-based apps.
B. SAMR : This tool is a great choice for teachers who may decide to substitute or modify their traditional lessons by incorporating good interactive apps; or merely supplementing what is already a great lesson plan;
C. Blooms Taxonomy: The levels of Blooms Taxonomy being achieved ranges from the low (understanding of the content) to the middle (application of concept) level mostly. From my own teaching practice, I have yet to find how to to develop the students higher skills of analysis, evaluation and creativity using this tool.
D. Usage of tool in my own Classroom: (1) An introduction of the content of all the major human body system, (2) Mastery of the New Vocabulary (Key Terms), (3) Understanding the body processes (e.g.: Tracing the pathway of the food during the digestive process; Tracing the circulation of blood and exchange of gases between the circulatory system and the respiratory system). (4) Review of concepts learned at the end of every unit topic and prior to a unit test.

How I Use It

This product is great in helping general education and special needs students become familiar and develop mastery of the major organs of the human body systems and the important functions they perform. Its interactive capability promotes high level of student engagement to the topic or content. It is an excellent tool for students with attention deficit disorders. The assessment portion allows an appropriate teacher monitoring and evaluation of student's understanding and progress, based on individual pacing and timing, which is critical for those with special needs.