Great tool for Civics!

Submitted 8 years ago
Karen P.
Karen P.
Detroit Academy of Arts And Sciences
Detroit MI, US
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My Take

Overall this is not a bad site. I like how it allows students to make choices when it comes to arguments and guides them when they have picked a bad one. It offers a lot of knowledge for the students and would be an asset to the classroom. It can be confusing the first time you play so I would suggest working on it as a whole group first before allowing students off on their own or in small groups. It supports student learning the judicial system and allows them a fun way to learn how this system works.

How I Use It

Any civics teacher would enjoy using this site. It would be a great tool to use in small groups when working on items related to the constitutions. I've never used this resource in the classroom but would use it in a heartbeat to help secure my students understanding of the judicial process. I like how it allows you to pick your own arguments and lets you know when they aren't very good. I liked that it allows the students to play a fun interactive game all while they are learning.