A useful website to explore American history for young learners. Great content, dated website.

Submitted 8 years ago
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Great website with lots of engaging resources for younger learners to inspire them to learn about American history through a variety of resources and activities, including primary sources drawn from the Library of Congress. A useful resource for teaching or for student exploration. Bottom line: great site in terms of content, but a little limited in terms of the technology it uses.

How I Use It

This website can be used for learning purposes as part of a webquest or as a site that kids would consult as a part of the research they would like to conduct on American history. It is a rich site with useful and relevant information in a bite size form, suitable for younger learners. It contains a variety of different media such as text, video, interactive games, and more which makes it easier for different kinds of learners to get engaged and develop a fair understanding of the topics.

On the downside, the site looks outdated; it does not take full advantage of screen space as it is displayed in a small screen size. It relies heavily on Flash, so you'll need to have some plugins on your computer in order to fully enjoy it. In addition, some sections don't seem to work too well on the iPad.