Reinforces what each individual student needs help with.

Submitted 3 years ago
Kevin P.
Kevin P.
Brentwood High School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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My Take

I think this is a great tool to use, but only if the students take advantage of it. It could be very beneficial to students who do want to get extra practice. For example, I have some students who do not care too much about my class, so they typically do not do any of the Aleks work that I assign (hence, I'm wasting money on a subscription for them). But the students who do want to do better do in fact take advantage of it and are able to learn at their own pace. The best feature is probably that the program doesn't follow a specific order, but it regularly gives knowledge checks to each student to assess what they know and what they need more practice with, then constructs the lessons based off of that knowledge check. So every student could theoretically be working on a different area of weakness.

How I Use It

I use Aleks as a supplemental tool for what I teach in the classroom. I usually assign 1 hour of work a week for the students to complete on their own time. The main con of this program is that the kids seem to think it's pretty boring.