Create composite photos quickly and easily!

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Adobe PhotoShop Mix is an excellent addition to students' (and teachers') digital toolboxes. The interface is simple to navigate and the features are easy to use. Although users of the full Adobe Suite may find the app too simple for professional use, Mix finds a home with students. And, as an Adobe product, it works well with other Adobe apps and gives users an authentic Adobe-feature feel. The only drawback with the app is that one of the merged images need to be "clean" (fairly simple background).

How I Use It

Use PhotoShop Mix as a fun and easy way to introduce students to the Adobe Suite, or to teach basic design skills such as layering and merging. In my humanities course, my students use this app to create composite images that will then be used to create produce/service advertisements. Students can export the images to their camera roll or to social media. In turn, the newly mixed photos can be used in a variety of applications, including Smore and Book Creator.

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