Even Helpful for Younger Students

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I like using Actively Learn versus paper for some comprehension assignments, especially activities with a lot of opinion questions/activities. My students love that after they enter their answer they are able to see how classmates responded. I have found it generates a rich discussion and provides an easy way for students to help each other and to broaden their understanding of different points of view. I like that PDFs from 1 year are available later without me having to re-import. It is easy to assign content to students, either whole class or groups. It would be wonderful to have more content for my students, but I understand that they are not the target population and I am not prevented from adding my own content.

How I Use It

I have used this app with 2nd graders, so my class isn't really the target population. However, I have been happy with what we do with it and my students have responded positively. I have used the app to import text PDFs and then add comprehension questions. I was able to find 1 book (My Father's Dragon) that was available but most books due to copyright aren't available for free and most books to purchase are for older students. I add in my own questions on the PDFs or attach my own notes.