Great tool for immediate feedback on reading completion and comprehension. Gives a general vocabulary level of difficulty on a specific book along with a short quiz.

Submitted 4 years ago
Karen M.
Karen M.
Hampton Roads Academy
Newport News VA, US
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My Take

Great app for immediate feedback. like the independence of the login per student but the safe guard of only using in the classroom because of the monitor password. One caution...passwords for students carryover from year to year if in the same school. Be careful to stress privacy and/or change passwords each year. Also, this product lends itself to great discussions about taking a quiz and keeping the questions private, as most students are reading different books independently and quizzing on them. I often use this as a companion to an additional classroom assessment on a book.

How I Use It

Because a general vocabulary level is assigned to texts, this app can be a quick gauge on a students reading level. There are many other components to a students reading ability, but this app gives an immediate score which gives the teacher starting point, and after 3-4 scores are recorded perhaps a pattern of either struggle or success.
I use this app with every book the students read, whether whole class or independent. It is interesting to see if scores differ with whole group books based on in depth discussions versus books read independently or in literature circles.