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Great Source for Factual Information

Overall, I enjoyed browsing through the site, reading the articles, and exploring all the features they offer. One benefit I found, in particular, is the language complexity being great for middle school to college level students. The language is great for strengthening younger students' reading skills without being too challenging while also being simple enough for high school or college students who want a more easy reading on factual news. One suggestion I would make for FactCheck is to add more languages so it is accessible for students who speak other languages.
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Great way to avoid misinformation

I think this is a great teaching tool that will familiarize students with double checking their sources before sharing the information with others.
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Reliable resource

This website provides reliable feedback on the facts on different websites, helping students avoid different forms of misinformation.
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Great resource for students to learn about global affairs

I believe this resource is useful in helping students find facts on global issues without having to decipher between misinformation and political agendas. This way, students can form an unbiased opinion on global events and also use the website as a resource to get sources and quotes.
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