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Great two-way communication with students

I love the way this product is engaging and easy to use. Teachers have a lot on their plates right now and Along has made it easy to get to know your students without having to recreate the wheel. They have done everything for you. I love the way I can get to know things about my students and make true connections with them either face to face or on the Along platform.
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Along is very effective! I felt that student had a voice and it allowed them to reach out and connect with teachers differently! I think it allowed for more connection

I feel like this tool is great for social interactions it builds connection between student and teacher. I think if used for a lesson it could help as a warm up and help with what is taught or being taught.
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A great idea…not sure about its actual efficacy

I don’t envision students connecting with this tool, especially older students. To them, it would seem like a clearly forced and unnatural way of reaching out. There are also more effective tools that can be used to accomplish this same purpose, such as Flipgrid, which has more intuitive and sophisticated features. I think there are better, more organic ways to individually reach out to reserved students, ways that feel less like a homework assignment.
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