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An interactive way for students to hone their skills.

This is an engaging app for students that allows them to have an instructor while they test their skills. There are different lessons on different things for students. All of this while giving students feedback ad well as test and quizzes so that they are able to see how they are improving.
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The BEST Algebra book I have ever used!

I have taught Math (mostly Algebra) for 19 years in three different states and seven different schools and this is by far the best program I have ever used. I like the order the lessons are taught and I love the different assessments the program offers. My students are engaged and actually enjoy Math!
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Complexity Rocks

One of the cons I have concerning this product is there isn't a lot of supplemental material. I find that I run out of practice work. However, that could be because I am so new to the product. Also, the rigor can be really high, so my low-level learners need more help than my mainstream learners. Other than that, I can not say enough good things about this product. It constantly requires students to stay refreshed on old material. It is a great spiraling tool. What I love about it is the complexity of the problems. They pack a lot of skills into one problem.
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Great Resource For Present and Beyond Algebra 1

Math Nation allows the students to access any objectives at their own pace. My students are able to control their learning at the pace desired for them.
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An ELL's Dream

I am not trained or specialized in teaching mathematical concepts; I only teach the vocabulary and language used. I do recommend this recourse to teachers and students. Having a teacher on the program that speaks Spanish is a major advantage, and I hear more languages may be coming. It's easy to use and makes various levels of math more accessible to my students.
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Great Math Curriculum for ALL Level of Students

This is by far the best math curriculum I have used in the 25 years I've been teaching. It is organized, easy to set up as the teacher, there is more than enough material to choose from, many extra resources for students to draw understanding from, assessment tools for teachers to monitor and gauge a student's understanding, an online, easy to use textbook, and finally a workbook for students to see the progression of their learning and hard work. 6th-grade students coming into middle school struggle for a short time to grasp the concept of taking responsibility for their own learning. however, once they begin experiencing the success of discovering the answers on their own with guidance from me, they begin working with a routine and taking ownership of their learning. As soon as this transition takes place, you can't help but see the growth throughout the year and in my case, into the next year. The students are not just learning facts and surface math, but a deeper understanding of the material and how to use these revelations in real-world scenarios presented to the students in the curriculum.
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I love Math Nation because it engages all learners and provides on-demand support for students as they learn and practice.

I think Math Nation is excellent and they are constantly working to improve it. I was teaching remotely for the first time this year and was able to create a dynamic program online for my students with the tools provided in the program. Now we are providing a hybrid program and we have adjusted to this seamlessly because the program can be used in both settings (in-person and online) simultaneously. Although we have encountered a few glitches along the way, the Math Nation team is readily available to troubleshoot and fix problems quickly.
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Great resources for students, teachers, and families!

I think it's a great curriculum. I also have their workbooks so I'm able to have students work in their workbooks for the most part, and use the digital textbook as backup. The video resources are amazing, and it's what really sets this curriculum apart from the others I've used in the past.
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Anyone who has ever figured out an extremely hard math problem or puzzle knows the feeling of accomplishment. This is the feeling both teachers and students receive from the MathNation materials.

Our district returned to full face-to-face instruction in August, I now teach the content live, however, quarantines due to close contact have again caused virtually every student to be absent at some point or another, for two weeks or longer. I cannot imagine having to record these lessons for my students each day as well as keep up with the demands that a Covid world has placed on us teachers. I have 25 students that did not return to school until the 2nd semester and the spiral nature of the MathNation Practice problems paired with the video instruction for each one has allowed me to continue teaching in-class material while students get the necessary background knowledge for future lessons. The curriculum is seamless and shows the interconnectedness of all of the middle grades standards. For example, the progression from transformations, to similar triangles to slope was eye-opening, even to this 19-year veteran teacher! My students love the variety of activities including card sorts, hands-on manipulatives, and differentiated entry/exit points for both high and low learners. In complete honesty, the activities were not very Covid friendly at first, but all it took was an email to the MathNation Representatives, and those card sorts and manipulatives quickly became virtual Desmos, Geogebra, and Google Slide activities that could be down within the current Covid restrictions. After using the MathNation curriculum for the toughest year I have ever encountered, I truly can not imagine my classroom without this amazing curriculum. It is literally a one-stop-shop, did I mention the parent videos that are designed specifically to help parents guide their student through the course or the Teacher Prep Videos that come with each lesson that highlight the major points of the activities? As you can tell I am a MathNation junkie and while I do not have my students' official MAP growth numbers yet, I know by the way that my inclusion students are able to discuss math, the way they are not afraid to jump into a rigorous problem, or the attitude they have when opening their books that this curriculum works!
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I love Math Nation! It is the main base of my Algebra 1 curriculum.

I love Math Nation! It helps me differentiate my lessons and meet students where they are. There are so many resources in one place with this program, I am continually finding new ways to utilize it.
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