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Une nouvelle encylopédie, encore top jeune

Cette encyclopédie a de belles couleurs et le format est agréable. Ceci dit, nous estimons que les articles sont souvent confus dans leur structure, superficiels et répétitifs, et visiblement pas écrits par des historiens ou professeurs. En outre, il manque encore beaucoup d'informations qui pourraient leur être utiles. Certains articles sont aussi trop longs.
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An encyclopedia of dubious reliability

The topics are undeniably interesting. However, the activities proposed are overly simplistic, based on multiple choice options and the articles are at times overly simplistic for teenagers. The encyclopedia is written by writers that are not qualified in their field to write (i.e. not historians, writers or language teachers), meaning that articles often include lots of repetition, lengthy quotes et al. Interestingly, the few that are qualified in their field have no formal background in teaching or writing and their contributions are overly complex. We know of a qualified and experienced author who wrote for them and stopped because they were told their article lacked essential information when it had much more than all other articles on the topics online. In other words, the editors do not seem to make well-informed and wise decisions based on readers' needs when it comes to publications.
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