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From the looks of it, it looks like an amazing augmentation to physical utensils and pencil and paper. I can see this really benefiting those that are visual learners, especially with the numerous colors and opportunities to have some creative freedom.

I like that it is engaging to the eye. Students would most likely be intrigued to its setup and the way in which they are to interact with it. I feel as though it gives the teacher a break from being in front of the class the entire time and gives students a sense of independence. The teacher is still able to move around the room but overall, it is a time for the students to practice on their own both visually and creatively. I would hope that their are explanations in this as well if a student were to make a mistake, or, some reinforcements throughout the website to help with understanding a certain topic. If not, this would be a great thing to implement, and until then, it'd be a great tool as a pre-assessment and the teacher could emphasize on the topics of questions that were missed the most.
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