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Excellent resource! High value for students with low teacher prep!

Well, I love this resource. First off-it's free, it's easy to use, the resources and prep are already developed and the kids love it. The most important thing is that the students (and the teachers) learn so much by talking and sharing with another class from far away. We had so many rich conversations with our partner classes and then reflecting with our own class.
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Great tool for cultural understanding.

I loved this website, it helped me to connect with students from Poland!
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It only takes one global connection to help a child see with new eyes and a changed heart! Students see others beyond the four walls of a classroom!! Help students be the change by connecting with Empatico. Lessons are powerful and meaningful!

This tool is a way to connect my students beyond the four walls of our classroom. It is important to me to expand their vision and help them have empathy for others. I feel our school CES stands for community, empathy, and service. Empatico is a great tool to help all three of these happen. Students connect and expand community. They make connections and develop empathy through the amazing lessons. We don't stop there though. We take what we learn and find a way to serve others. Empatico gives my classroom a window to the world so we can see so much more and be so much more!! I love the matching process and the way we can connect video and messaging within the program!! I will continue to use this tool and share it with other educators!! Empatico is a global connection tool and makes a meaningful impact in helping to spark empathy. It helps show how much we are alike !! Love it!!
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Expand your classroom and "shrink" the world!

This was a fun project with some excellent residual effects. My students learned the art of respecting perspectives, and many 'found their voice' in speaking up about their personal weather preferences that didn't match those of their peers. The best part, however, was meeting children who lived in a different climate and learning about their lifestyles. My students surf and swim on teams in outdoor pools and our buddy classroom spoke of ice fishing contests and ice hockey. What a blast! While my students certainly learned some facts and stats about the weather and climate of our area and of our buddy classroom, it seems that the "soft" skills learned had the biggest impact. My class definitely became more enthusiastic and curious about learning about the world outside our community, and we referred to this experience many times in the months following our video chat. I highly recommend Empatico lessons!
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Amazing platform for student exchange and interaction!

I love Empatico as a teaching tool. It is simple to use, the lessons offered fit well with my age group, I/my students can choose the lessons that fit our standards and are of interest to us and the lessons are flexible for any ability level. My special needs students were able to participate just as much as my advanced students. The follow-up activities led to deeper understanding of the fact that, even though there are differences in geography, history and personal experience, students and classrooms all over the country and the world, share so many similarities. We referred to our conversations with our partner classes all year when were doing other lessons and my students were constantly asking when were going to be able to do another chat or if were going to have another partner class. I am working this summer on incorporating Emaptico lessons into my yearly calendar as they correlate with our quarterly standards. My hope for next year is to have a different partner class to share lessons with each quarter of school so my own students will have a greater opportunity to view the world outside of our classroom and community.
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Authentic experience for students to increase global competence and practice empathy!

Getting started was simple. I completed a survey and then Empatico connected my class with another class. I loved the authentic learning experience this gave my students. I am impressed that it was FREE (they promise to keep it that way!) Parents of my students loved this experience for their children because the lessons embedded learning about empathy as well as academic learning. Students had opportunities to think about how other kids felt around the world during the lesson and then could ask our partner class questions they had. They loved sharing what they learned with their families. My class was able to connect with other first graders that lived far away and learn how much we are alike, even though we live far away. I can't say enough positive things about this experience and look forward to being matched with another class again this upcoming school year!
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How can you change the heart and mind of a child? Empatico is the place to start...for FREE!

Empatico is an amazing, one of a kind connection for global learning! I love that everything is in one central location and is a true support to teachers. The lessons that are available truly do support the curriculum and enhance what we are learning. Taking students on a trip outside of the four walls of our classroom is something bigger than I can teach them on my own. It's very empowering and means so much to them. This is an experience that my students will not forget. Weeks after our connection calls they were still talking about what was said or what they learned. It was amazing! To think that all of these opportunities can happen for FREE makes me want to just shout it from the rooftop to ALL educators! I am VERY passionate about global learning and opening up their hearts and mind to things outside of our town. Empatico is the ultimate experience for students AND teachers!
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The Ah-ha Moment When Students Connect.

I would rate Empatico with a high rating. I feel Empatico is a bigger picture of what we all need in our communities, connection. Making connections with others is what Empatico is all about. My students were able to connect with others in a state that no one had been to for a visit. The students had multiple experiences using Empatico and each time the students asked how long until we can see our friends again. The students were able to connect and relate to other students that they had originally thought had little to no corresponding connections. I found joy in watching my students take ownership of the Empatico lessons and chats. I found myself smiling and thinking, this is what it's all about when my students were able to smile and laugh at how many connections they were making with our partner classroom. Overall, I cannot wait to use this in my classroom each year moving forward. A unique and wonderful experience is created when using Empatico.
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Empathy + Global Learning = Empatico for the Win!

This platform is so user friendly and really honors teachers' time. Empatico has designed their tool to use as little instructional time as possible to connect so that more time can be spent on meaningful interactions. The lessons help build an understanding of human geography and culture as well as topics you would commonly find in the standards. I look forward to seeing a variety of more lessons from them in the future!
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How do I inspire my students to see Spanish as a means to communicate, and while doing so, learn about themselves, the Spanish-speaking countries, and the world?

I loved the collaboration that resulted with the matched class partner. We worked on the content and when we connected in real time, the students knew what they had to do, which helped everything go smoothly. Students understood that learning through the activities provided by Empatico and then speaking about that content with the partner class in another language helped them effectively communicate ideas, ... and in real time!
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