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All Abilities Love this Math Game

I think that teachers should play each game before assigning this to see how it works conceptually and how it can fit into your math curriculum. I used it to extend the learning, as well as, practice adding, multiplying and dividing fractions. I don't think you can ever have too much practice in these areas. But, I will attest that I had a hard time playing the game. My students were way better than me because they play these kinds of virtual games all the time. It was a great lesson in humility. Keep up the good work Cignition and I can't wait until more games are added.
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Excellent for teaching fractions!

I love this game. I like the conceptual models. Fraction multiplication is shown through visual representations and decimal representations. The system is easy to use. For teachers, it is easy to see the development of skills for each operation, and identify students that need additional support.
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