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This tool is a real time saver for me and I have recommended it to other teachers. Prior to using, I was making digital copies of the students' Google Docs, removing their names and passing them out with a cover sheet to complete peer evaluations. I found Peergrade and it simplified the process. Peergrade did all of the work for me and it keeps track of the evaluations and the feedback about the evaluations. It has enabled me to use peer evaluations more often in my classes. When I began using Peergrade, the Live Sessions mode was not available. The students had to submit their work on one day and then evaluate on the next day. It was cumbersome. Now that Live Sessions is available, that is the mode that I use all of the time. The only issue is if a student waits too long to submit their assignment, then their assignment does not get reviewed and they are not able to review other papers. The students that turn in their assignment on time have told me how much they appreciate the feedback and the opportunity to review other students' work. It has given them other strategies for how to write their code. One recommendation I would make is that prior to using Peergrade the teacher should model good feedback. Even high school students need to be reminded what good feedback is.
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Great engagement for students! Also prompt and helpful tech support!

Five stars!!
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