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Noisli: a beautiful tool that encourages main themes of focus.

Noisli is perfect for anyone who requires constant, healthy stimulation to focus. The website offers sixteen sounds readily available without any subscription, including volume control, and a customizable timer for how long you want the sounds to play. While the website does have two subscriptions, I personally would not see the use of purchasing the two available subscriptions as they only add additional pre-made playlists and twelve, lesser-needed sounds. Noisli also offers a beautiful, and simple text editor, which I would recommend for taking notes and releasing ideas. It is not practical for professional use considering the lack of formatting and fonts, though that is not what the use of this product is for as it is focus-orientated. In terms of security and privacy, Noisli does collect information including general user activity of the website, location (as all websites do), personally identifiable information, and authentication information (for more information see the the Chrome Web Store page for the extension). They allegedly declare that the data collected will not be sold to third-parties unless it is allowed. Google's Transparency Report for Safe Browsing states that the current status of the website has no unsafe content, being last updated May 28, 2021. I would recommend for this product to be suggested to all students, and to be used during transitions and quiet-times. Please be mindful that some sounds may sound sharper than others (for example the coffee shop, the forest, and the ocean), which may impact focus, so if it was being played on a speaker to the whole class during these times, I would suggest for the constant noises like white noise and the leafs.
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