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informative but not suitable for children under 16

I like the diverse content and topics shown in the videos and it is also clear that the inviting animations can be very appealing to young students. However, I don't like the delivering ways used in the videos and they are very distracting. Sometimes, the speakers mention very unnecessary or irrelevant information.
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not appropriate for children under age 16

not appropriate for young children. website is informative but not at the age level it claims to be for. These children are not old enough to see "simulated" sex or in one video a woman's breasts and a very large penis, not appropriate at all
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This material is inappropriate for children

Educators, we must be honest. We must try to be unbiased and objective. This is not material for the public schools. It is taking one perspective and foisting it upon children. This is better left for parents to teach to their children.
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