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Incredible tool that is great for auditory learners or teenagers that want to learn more about the world in general. Great topics and all around life lessons for the kids.

Great tool. The kids really like the pods and the stories. It helps them really understand the material.
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Enhances Listening, But Reinforces Reading, Writing and Speaking - Great Tool!

Listen Current is extraordinary. The resources provided in each unit provide numerous options for length and depth of teaching and learning. The scaffolds are helpful to ELLs at various levels and topics generate rich discussions while stretching their language and cognitive abilities. While I sometimes supplement the unit with materials and/or activities from other sites, Listen Current's premium version will provide enough resources to cover a topic in depth complete with detailed lesson plans. I think both new teachers and veteran teachers alike would enjoy using it. My only hesitation is the price for the premium version. Some schools may not find it affordable. However, I still highly recommend trying out the free version to enhance social studies, English language arts and science classes.
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Rich collection of NPR stories curated, organized and supported by well-developed lesson plans and activities.

I'm sorry to have discovered this tool over the summer. Finding interesting and valuable ways to incorporate current events into my social studies class has always been a challenge, and I think this might be at least one answer to that problem. Lesson plans and activities are excellent quality and useful right out of the box -- including vocabulary, listening comprehension questions, graphic organizers, writing assignments and links to related web content. The lack of a visual element might make Listen Current less engaging for some students but others might enjoy the opportunity to engage their imaginations a bit while listening.
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Great site for primary sources

I liked that the primary sources are verbalized which is especially helpful for my special education students. They can hear the information and then discuss it either verbally or in written form. More visuals of the topic would be helpful.
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Want to help kids learn to LISTEN? Listen current is awesome.

I can't think of a single teacher in my career who has not complained at some point about student listening skills. Whether it's listening to and following instructions or listening for information. Listen Current really helps address this issue effectively. Perhaps most importantly, it helps some students realize for themselves that they have difficulty focusing on and truly hearing information presented orally. When they end up pausing, going back, and reviewing over and over again, it becomes apparent that they 'listening' is not a strength to the student him/herself. What's more effective than that? Way better than me nagging about paying attention, right? I initially offered this as a current events option for some students who struggle with reading. I have a few students who really rely on listening/participating in discussion as a way to compensate for their difficulty in reading, so I figured that this would play to their strengths. Other students got interested as well and, when I realized that some were struggling with but benefitting from relying on oral comprehension, I decided to make it part of my repertoire.
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