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Brings the memorial to life!

The tours are beautifully narrated and the tone of the narrators (including Robert DeNiro) truly adds to the solemnity of the site. I believe this helped immensely with the students' understanding of the weight of what happened there. It would be great to expand this as an interactive learning tool that could be brought into the classroom...but it did REALLY enhance the visit of the museum and helped bring it to life for the students. Many would not have stopped at the exhibits to read or ponder, however, they did stop and absorb while listening. Many students returned to the main concourse to repeat parts of their chosen tour or to take a different path. Each tour offers different information and perspective (some parts are redundant but many are different) Personally, it has also helped me to relive the experience of the visit. Overall, I highly recommend this app if visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and would probably also use it in the classroom without visiting, but would want other content material to go with it.
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