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Easy tool for fun presentations...when it works

It is a great tool that kids really enjoy...but it doesn't always work. Use Chatterkids if you can't get Blabberize to work.
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Easy and Fun Talking Photos

Not only does is this website easy to use, it's FREE and requires no logins, registration, etc. It also helps students understand how images can be manipulated to make their mouths move in a realistic way. Check out some examples of 4th grade projects :<a href=""> CLICK HERE </a>
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Make pictures talk. Fun, but silly.

I originally thought this would be a motivating way for students to practice reading aloud. I figured it would be fun for them to animate either a picture of themselves, or an animal or cartoon figure, and then critique and re-record themselves as necessary. Because of its cartoon-like quality, the subject matter of what is read aloud can not be too serious. Also, on the introductory page, the creators (I presume) introduce their site in a mildly inappropriate and potentially offensive manner by using thick accents and several references to "peeing" (from excitement). Unless this changes, I will not use this site with my students. And though I do think they would enjoy it, it doesn't offer anything of educational value in itself.
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