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After looking through this software, I feel like it is a great interactive tool and is appropriate to use for younger ages. Being able to create your own games and tailor them to your own lessons can be extremely beneficial to your class. I feel as if this game can be great for visual learners and help students get more involved with the content being taught.
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This game was great for visual learners

I liked how the app was easily dowloaded on an iPad and that the app spoke to you along with visuals.
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Tiny Tap is an awesome way to create your own "apps"

Once you get the hang of creating your own activities it is really quite easy to do. This app can be time consuming on the part of the teacher, but once you've created the lesson you have it! Older students could create lessons for other children, and I think they would find this fun and easy. The app is definitely geared toward very young children, however. I would LOVE IT if they would create a similar app for older students that had the same type of capabilities.
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Turn Images into Educational Games for All Levels

I really like the app and have already claimed it in an "appy hour" I'm hosting for teachers and students soon. It is a great review and engagement tool. My only concern, as stated above, is that I don't know how well I could adapt the games to hit higher-level critical thinking; it is more an interactive matching tool. Also, because it's played on the iPad, screen space for creation is limited. Overall, it is user-friendly and will be a great tool in any teacher's toolbox.
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I love this app. I have made games for all the studets high frequency words. They love practicing and I have am starting to see growth in reading group. I have only been using it a few weeks.

I liked that is was easy to do and it worked on the iPads. The students can download the specific words they need. As a teacher it is worth the time to use this tool because it is fun and engaging for the students and easy to set up as a teacher. I love it!
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