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EDU7266 Review 1

Overall I found this technology to be fairly easy to navigate through with fantastic color and graphics which don't become overwhelming for the learner. The curriculum is aligned with the common standards, thus ensure the material being practice is material being taught inside the classroom. The quick facts port of the app was nice for students to gain a deeper knowledge then rote problem solving. It also provided visuals and graphs. This is great for the visual learner who can see the effect of manipulating a problem.
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Fun and engaging while learning math!

This program is a great teaching tool. It allows students to work independently on skills and the teacher portion allows me to see what students are working on and if they are struggling with a particular concept. I like that students are able to see that they have made progress by the fish filling in but it would be helpful to have something more concrete or structured that they can see. I like that it has a variety of 1st grade concepts that tie to the common core. Students that are advanced are not necessarily challenged without buying the 2nd grade app. Overall it is a great app to work on 1st grade skills!
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Great math app that tracks practice

I feel that it is a motivating, standards based app that encourages students to go back and work towards more rewards at their level. I like that it can be broken up to each student making their own progress on an app, it can be tracked and scored.
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