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6 Grade Language Arts iTooch

I like how it assesses student knowledge on a specific topic. It is engaging because students are working to earn trophies and power ups. As a teacher, I was looking for a way to find data so I could see how the students were progressing but I was not able to find stored data.
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Great for ELA quizzes

I feel like this app was overpriced for what it is. I was hoping after some of the quizzes were completed there would be games to play with that skill, but it only goes on to the next skill. My students loved this app the first few days, and then hated it after that because there was no real incentive to them for playing. I also wish it had some reporting component so I could easily access how my students did on their skills, but I have to look at each iPad individually for that information. If you have money to spend on apps, I think there are better ELA options out there.
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Great for test prep review.

I think this is a good tool for reviewing.
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Great app to review and reinforce reading/language skills!

Engaging app with practice and test modes for reading, writing and composition, grammar, vocabulary booster, and communication. My 6th graders enjoyed using the app during whole class instruction. Students can use this app for review and assess their knowledge with the test mode.
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