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Learning and exploring made fun!

I believe this is a really good teaching tool. I liked how it allows students to explore the ocean in a unique way that also educates them at the same time. Exploring is done side by side with learning, which makes the process of retaining information a lot easier because it coincides with a fun adventure. I like how the app does a really good job at explaining multiple facets of the ocean including the fish, plants, boats, etc. It allows students to explore the ocean without actually having to be in the ocean, while at the same time constantly educating them on what it is they are viewing. I also liked the different puzzles as it helps with keeping the user engaged.
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Fun App that lets Students Explore Marine Life

I liked how interactive this app was. Students were able to fill in ocean animals and plants to complete each frame. They were also able to scroll towards the ocean surface to examine boats, or go to the darkest parts of the water to inspect the difference between deep-water fish and those that swim closer to the surface. I think that this program works for most students, however, I believe that advanced students may get bored with the game. I think it would go nicely with certain lesson plans, but once students finish filling in the images, there isn't much interaction to keep them engaged. I think that either adding more examples of marine life, or focusing on specific communities of species (i.e. sharks, dolphins, etc.) would make this app better. Perhaps that is too advanced for the kindergarten level, but I think the developers could target the app to older students too. Incorporating levels into the design would also allow the kindergarten/first grade students to continue using the app throughout their education.
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Dig deeper with student interest

This product is match the shapes of the objects and then telling the name of the object to the student. It tells students many facts at the beginning, unfortunately their is a play button flashing which would allow students to skip the facts. I instructed my students to not push the button.
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Explore and learn in this fun, interactive app!

Add actual small vocabulary words that can show up on the screen to help students make connects between the submarine, boat, coral, whale, etc.
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