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Increases critical thinking and problem solving

Increasing critical thinking and problem solving is part of the skills needed for our students to be successful in school and in their lives. The analysis of data is one of the science practices of the NGSS and common to science classes. If students are having fun they will continue to practice those skills.
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This app makes learning about epidemiology a mystery that encourages students to interpret data to solve the case.

This project is a great teaching tool for preparing students to draw conclusions from non-fiction science texts. The app asks students to look at data and answer questions, which will prepare students for standardized exams; however, the great thing about the app is it's engaging, so students are almost "tricked" into standardized test prep. Some of the text was too advanced for middle school students. Also the badge system is difficult to navigate. Students would receive badges, but it wasn't clear what they accomplished to attain a new badge.
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An educational and addicting science app!

This app by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is highly engaging and really addictive! Players will attempt to achieve their "Disease Detective Badge" as you attempt to solve a dozen outbreaks of various types through an analysis of the data you encounter. It has a very real world feel to it as it takes you to the scene of the outbreak to investigate the victims and the environment. By acting quickly and answering questions accurately, you can save a whole city or country for disaster!
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