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Great Tool for Learning Math and Sciences

It is a good tool when the students have first practiced a topic on paper and just need some additional review prior to an assessment. Would be useful to those who needs a bit of addition help on their schedule. Most people can just use the free version.
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Great website

I wouldn't recommend it due to their lack of support through billing. One cannot even remove their payment information from the account.
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Engaging, thought-provoking math problems ranging from basic math skills to advanced math skills.

My overall opinion regarding this project as a teaching tool is that it, in the correct hands, could be a very beneficial teaching and learning tool. The free version is good enough for most unless you run into a problem that becomes difficult to solve. The solutions and solving process are only available via Brilliant Squared (a subscription plan of $4/month billed annually). It is a good tool when the students have practiced a topic via worksheets and just need some additional review prior to an assessment. In fact, the website would possibly make a good assessment vehicle: the kids could copy a problem onto their own paper, or take a picture of it with their phone, work out the solution in small groups or independently, then submit their agreed-upon solution to the site. Also, I have used the site when creating short teaching videos of specific skill sets via the SmartBoard with iMovie on the iPad.
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Very useful tool for students to review concepts from math and physics.

The obvious way it could serve students better is to provide the entire worked out solution free of charge, or at lease a couple steps of each solution. However, the free notes offset this by still providing the students with guidance even if they are going through questions on their own.
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Awesome STEM resource to extend curiosity

I love the difficulty level of these topics - it gives students an alternative to traditional resume-building, and exposes them to hackathon-type challenges, or Google interview questions, in a CS competition format.
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It's a great place for students to stretch their intellectual muscles.

Brilliant is a great way to allow advanced students to go beyond the curriculum and try new things. It won't necessarily engage an uninterested student, but it does provide challenge to those who need it. And since it gives diagnostic pre-tests, it is good for multiple levels.
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