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The CK-12 platform offers a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate and explore the vast amount of information provided. The platform can teach both introductory and advanced topics and can be picked up in less than 10 minutes. While the platform may have some limitations, such as clunky layout and cumbersome class setup, it can be a valuable tool for engaging students based on their interests. One teacher reported struggling to generate interest in science until they combined CK-12 with Newsella and NPR, which led to increased engagement and independent exploration by students. Despite some navigation challenges, the CK-12 platform can be an effective tool for promoting student engagement and interest in various subjects.
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Let your students use their creativity and explore the world around them.

Overall, this resource has many good things for students to learn on their own, with critical thinking questions to stimulate their thought process. Once again though, the navigation and controls leave something to be desired.
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A wide variety of content from all subject areas

This site offers very useful activities for students to prepare for tests. There are great options for classes in the STEM field.
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Great stire for learning!

Great site for studying STEM courses. I like its interactive demonstration and review parts in each chapters.
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Information-dense, yet easy to digest

The platform is extremely clean and feels natural to navigate through; I enjoyed looking through the copious amount of information they provide and how organized each section is. Overall the platform can be picked up in less than 10 minutes and can teach introductory material and advanced topics.
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Give your students room to explore and learn about the world around them.

Overall, I like that CK12 has a lot to offer students for independent exploration with questions that encourage deeper thought. I am not thrilled by the navigation and the way their analytics are set up.
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This site has literally everything you can need for all types of subjects and lesson planning and student-centered activities

I rely on it heavily, especially for the demos as that enables difficult content area knowledge to be accessible to ELL's, visual/auditory learners, and student with disabilities with equal success.
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STEM Ready and Appropriate!!!

My overall opinion is it could be better and offer a wider range of lessons and videos for young children. It is great for STEM Schools and since I am a STEM school, I have found ways to use it. Some of which were not meant for it to be used but the site is versatile and can adjust and change to help the students. That is the main thing I like: The fact that the site is versatile and can change to benefit my students and parents. I like that as a teacher I can create a blog and communicate with other educators. I wish they would incorporate more preschool activities and videos.
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Digital Textbook for Social Studies

CK-12 allows me to utilize a online textbook that is fully compatible with Google Classroom. It can become a "flipped" lesson. Students can use it to reinforce content and study material. It is available wherever students have Internet, so not bulky textbooks needed!
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Interesting simulations and quick topics on math and science subjects.

I really enjoyed the simulations and wish they were more fully functioning and interactive, which I think the creators are working towards. Having the interactive simulations would keep a student engaged in the site for hours.
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