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I tried Voki for my College Students and they thought it was silly I contacted the company three times to cancel my subscription . WARNING: To not fall for the Free Trial Offer. Once they have your credit card information it is impossible for you to stop the subscription.
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Great way to get students talking

I think that this tool can work with any age group but it is probably best suited for younger kids. I also wonder if creating a speaking avatar is just a complicated substitution for getting students to just speak out loud without the help of a computer.
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Great for Differentiation & Visual Learners

I love this teaching tool. I love that you can create 100s of characters to fit your topic. For instance, I created a dog that looked like Toto (Wizard of Oz) to model the requirements for a book report. I have also had lower functioning students who were able to have success with this because it is non-threatening and speaks for them. The only part I do not like is that you only have 30 seconds for the video for the unpaid version. However, that is typically enough time to get out enough information to students.
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Fun way to have students interact with content

I would recommend this activity, Students enjoyed it, it did not promote deeper level thinking though
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Its great for learning and easy to use!

I really liked it, helped me a lot and I would recommend it to any teacher on any grade!
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Great web 2.0 applications that allows students to demonstrate their 21st century digital skills and the Speaking skills in Spanish!

I liked this product very much because it is user friendly, it allows students to incorporate their voice into it, and it encourages them to not only Speak in the target language, but also to use their 21st century digital skills and to publish their work online.
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Good Tool For Practicing Second Language

I really liked that students could create their own profile and build their own Vokie characters. This is perfect for students and this particular topic in Spanish. They can create their own character and vary hair color, eye color, outfits, and accessories. Outside of this application, I don't see any other way a language teacher could use this.
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Talking Avatars!

Voki takes creating avatars to the next level. Not only can students customize how their avatar looks, but they can also make it talk! Using the text-to-speech feature also helps students see the importance of spelling and grammar when communicating online. It's well worth spending the $40 for a subscription, since it's good for two years. Managing lessons and activities is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's relatively easy. And the paid version allows teachers to review every project students create before allowing it to be published online.
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Great tool to summarize and communicate knowledge

Voki is not the most sophisticated learning tool, but 5th grade students really like it. Students will not learn new content, but they can use it to work on summarizing and communication skills for any class. Voki limits the amount of information students can include (60 seconds or 600 characters). As part of the introduction to lessons using Voki, encourage kids to think about what is important about their topic or what they need to communicate. The free version can confuse students because you can select the Pro options for your avatar, but you can not use them when you click Publish.
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Great product with many options to personalize for students

I have used Voki for several years. It is highly engaging for students as they can customie their avatar. The application can be differentiated with multiple input methods for the script (e.g. text, speaking on microphone, speaking on telephone).
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