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This an extremely great app. If you are looking for an app that will allow your child/student to learn and interact at the same time, this is the perfect app for you and them! Easy to use.

This is a great teaching tool, I loved every part of this app and I believe that all students can benefit from it, no matter how ahead or behind they may be in their studies, learning is ongoing.
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great app for little one's just learning to read by engaging them in fun activities

My overall opinion for this app is it a useful and fun tool to help engage a young child who is new to reading in wanting to read and perfecting their reading skills. This app is great for children in preschool through early elementary (really anyone in the beginning stages of learning to read.) I believe this app is easy enough for a child to learn to use on their own, so they can practice without the supervision of a child. Overall, I would recommend this app for children to practice their reading.
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I think this tool can be very useful and efficient for learning. It is full of colors and nice drawings that help the kids being more involved.
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Great for beginners just learning how to read!

Overall I really like this app for kids around ages 2-9. It's great for kids who are just learning the alphabet all the way up to beginning level reading. It takes into account the child's interests and reading level to provide them with a lesson completely geared towards them. The app also provide's parents with updates as their child develops more reading skills. Personally, I wouldn't use this app for lessons in my classroom but I may suggest it as homework or have a space for kids with lower reading levels to work on it. The one downside to this app is there is a monthly charge after the free trial is used.
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Free app reads to students, teaches phonics, and encourages them to create based on what they've learned.

I have used Learn with Homer with my most important students: my own children, ages 2 and 6. I think it is a great app to suggest to parents of kiddos ages 2-8. Students take a photo of themselves and select a "thinking cap" for their avatar. The more levels they complete, the more thinking caps they earn. More than one student account can be made on each app. Activities include word and sound sorts, listening to poems read aloud, and creating drawings and sound recordings based on their learning. I am not sure how extensive the free content is because we haven't yet finished everything that is available. It is definitely navigable by students individually and in small groups without adult intervention and would make for great independent work for the early elementary classroom or child at home.
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