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Enjoyable way to learn a new language

Learning a language should be fun and Duolingo makes sure to follow that. Lessons build up as students progress in their new language. If students need additional help with a particular field in their language, Duolingo provides support options that educators can access for their students. Also, overall it is easy to navigate with little to no technical issues.
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Clean UI, easy to use for both students and educators

Duolingo is great for both educators and students. As a teaching tool, this software is very helpful for tracking student progress and even in the classroom to review lessons and get motivated with the many animations, daily goals, adding friends, statistics, and achievements. I enjoy how vibrant the software is and accessible on any device including web and mobile. Not a fan of advertisements while learning but they can be removed with a paid plan. Also, I think it may be beneficial to add video lessons for better comprehension or review, however this can be compensated by teaching within the classroom.
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Great tool for the class!

This is a great way for students or others who want to learn a new language or improve their language skills. This app is great and easy to use and navigate. Teachers can access progress to see where students do well in and what they might need help!
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This is a great resource that makes learning a new language enjoyable.

I find that this is a very helpful resource.
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entertaining and fun way to learn a language!

As a teaching tool, I think duolingo is a fun homework assignment. Students can use their cell phones, smart devices, or computers to access duolingo, and can even do more lessons on their free time. I use duolingo myself, and I find it a fun activity to do when I want a break from social media. I really like how they also have a "streak" in duolingo, which tracts how many days in a row you have completed a language lesson. This can help motivate students to keep their streak and to do at least one quick lesson a day to keep their streak. You can also add friends and compare scores for the week, which can also motivate students to have the highest score in their class! In every language class, it is important that students constantly communicate in the target language. However, some days students may not want to talk due to stress, fatigue, etc. I think duolingo can be used in class as a fun yet educational break if students are struggling to keep up with conversation that day. They can work on their scores and achievements in the app while also getting to relax and not worry about their participation for the day. Even for those who are not currently language students, duolingo is a fun app that anyone can enjoy!
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I believe that Duolingo is an extremely beneficial teaching tool due to the fact that it is simple and it provides a lot of different resources to not only the students but the teachers as well. It is really engaging and allows the students to really interact with the application. It seems most students really enjoy using this because it's able to be done at their own level and pace.
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easy and fun way to make you learn information daily.

This is a great way for students or people who want to learn another language, to use this app. It is easy to use and navigate through. Teachers can also access progress to see where students do well in, as well as what they need help in. I have used this in the past and with the motivation and notifications on, you are bound to learn.
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Great device for learning a new language!

I liked how it was easy to navigate, and also the appearance was not overwhelming at all. It is perfect for someone who is just starting to learn a language and wants an application that understands the struggles of having to develop new skills. The app is calming but also informative, and uses a clever structure to work the user up to harder challenges.
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Great way for students to learn!

My overall opinion about this research is that it is easy to gauage progress, which allows students to want to keep working. Students earn points from working and get instant feedback which is always great!
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Good and exciting way for younger students to learn

This is a great tool for teaching and for the students learning. It has great functionality in the classroom and lesson plans can be built around this. I loved it
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