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As someone who never learned to type properly in elementary school, I would absolutely recommend this website! I enjoy its step by step approach to introduce the different keys and its use of self managed and timed activities to teach you

I love the approach it takes to typing by teaching one key at a time. My only problem with it was that its introduction video/lesson were hard to start because the ads kept blocking them. I had to skip the intro video to actually start, but after that it was smooth sailing
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Definitely a simple and yet motivating way for anyone either starting to type or those looking to increase their typing speed. Motivates with its feedback and rewards with golden stickers and advancement of levels.

As a teaching tool it is visually appealing, while still being interactive. It's a tool that anyone can benefit from to improve their typing or just starting out. You can see real time feedback and stats on how you are doing along the courses all while rewarding you with points and stickers to keep you motivated and going.
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Interactive Typing Game That's Great for All Students

Overall its a fun and interactive game that keeps students engaged the whole time. Students can choose where to start if they are completely new to typing, or are a little ahead on their skill. It really keeps myself and students engaged the whole time as the whole website really pushes towards learning. I think this is a great tool that can be very helpful for all students at all age levels.
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great tool

Generally speaking, I have a great degree of confidence in my judgment. Because it didn't automatically go to the next lesson, and because the commercials were so intrusive, I didn't enjoy this product. Apart from that, I'd say go for it.
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I think this is great app to learn typing

My opinion on this game app is that this app can be used in education purpose. Learning typing through game can be a fun activity to learn. This is because the game of the app looks colorful and enjoyable for young students which will makes students to be interactive with it. In addition, I believe instead of giving homework or class activity to learn typing, using this app is more convened and more entertaining to students to learn typing.
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Fun and effective way to teach typing

In a day and age where learning how to efficiently type is as valuable as learning/teaching how to write in cursive was not that long ago, TypingClub is a great tool to use to introduce young students to typing, but also hone older students' typing skills, making them even better. I especially love the incorporation of earned badges the website offers. This is not only fun and engaging, but offers more incentive for young students to continue to perfect the invaluable skill of typing. The resource itself is not particularly innovative, but the website is very visually appealing and engaging!
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Relatively good tool for teaching typing to students

My opinion is relatively high. The only things I did not like about this product were the fact that it did not automatically move onto the next lesson and the ads were quite obstructive. But other than that, I would highly recommend.
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Great interactive way to better ones typing skills!

Typing is an important skill to have in today's world and this app will allow students to become quick and great typers!
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Great way for beginners to learn how to type

Overall, the ads do seem like they are out of place, have not seen anything inappropriate though. It would be someone to watch out for though. It is a great tool overall to teach students how to type. It also shows the accuracy and speed they are typing at which can also show how well your students are doing.
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Great interface, provides plenty of activities and milestones for students to reach. Platform feels very rewarding!

Overall the TypingClub application offers a great resource to teach students how to effectively type on standard QWERTY keyboards. I really enjoyed the way the application has laid out the "course" if you want to call it and yet it still allows you to skip around if you're already proficient in one area!
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