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Become a member of the band, and learn about fractions at the same time!

This app asks for a Facebook account to login, or an email address to monitor student's progress, but can be used without logging in. The cost to include the progress updating is $9.99 if a parent decides to use that feature. Once you're in the app, you have the choice to log in to your parent account, or in as a student. There is an additional in-app purchase to get more game play (22 more minutes of video, 7 new games and interactions, 1 secret ending which costs $2.99) The app goes through videos of a rock band (The Digits) and introduces its members which include one girl, one creature, one robot. The student is then requested to join as the 4th member of the band. As the 4th member, you have to solve fraction questions. The videos are well done and work well with the added interactive activities throughout. Some of the content of the videos are long, with not as much work in between the scenes. Overall, it's very entertaining and fun for students to complete.
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