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Adorable Geo-Mes use clothing and props to symbolize different features of locations around the world.

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Geographic information presented through cute Geo-Me characters

The app displays a Geo-Me on the map of the world. The cartoon character provides a passport with information about the town, country, urban/rural, population, climate, and elevation. There is an extension story with an animated video with subtitles. The videos provide additional facts about the region and relative locations of surrounding countries. There are a few Geo-Mes displayed on the map, but there are many others that are hidden. When you go through the home menu, you have the option to search or tap anywhere on the map to reveal a Geo-Me. Students can add their own Geo-Me based on their geotagged location from the iPad. My concern would be about the quality of student generated information. Are the student responses published locally or for the world to see?
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