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Good, but not a lot of content

good for lerning, and intrist, But could use a few more work-sheets.
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Connections to pop culture, current events, and seasonal holidays make these activities more engaging than typical math worksheets.

The activities on Yummy Math didn't include a lot of higher level thinking, but they are great activities for the remedial learner. They are easy to set up with new activities that come out every week and are usually timed up perfectly with the current unit we are studying. Math is a subject where we usually just practice problem after problem, and then when students get out in the real world, they don't think of applying their math knowledge to certain scenarios. These activities are a great way for students to get a quick glimpse of these connections.
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Engaging real life math resource my student love.

Yummymath is really useful resource. One of the hardest things for a math teachers is to show kids how they can use math. Yummymath has answered that for my students time and time again. The activities are highly engaging and well written. There is a focus on understanding concepts and problem solving, so kids usually get lot of the lessons.
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I find this to be the most engaging useful engaging web resource. Students and teacher love it!

One of the best teaching tools I have come across in many years of teaching math. Student engagement is off the charts due to interesting topics that kids easily relate to. The variety and creativity consistently displays makes this a must use website.
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Engaging math tasks that will lead students to the Common Core.

This is a great task resource that can get students engaged with the world around them. On a frequent basis, the authors of the site come up with engaging tasks tied to current events. I did not see any required cost to download both tasks and solutions.
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