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The content is good, but too many ads

The video functions works just fine, and there're also tags for video for reference. But five ads for one webpage is just too much.
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Great source for accessing videos relevant to classroom material

I think it is a great way to incorporate video into the classroom without having to rely on Youtube becuase it is a more closed site.Schooltube is a great source to use when you need students to access videos relevant to concepts you are discussing. It is a more secure or monitored site than youtube.
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Safe site to share videos! let them shine!!

User friendly and free. Videos created by teachers and students around the world. It also adds an extra level of security since they are videos created by students and school appropriate. It sparks students engagement, students can shine by demonstrating their talents giving parents peace of mind for its safety. You can share the videos with a link or an embedding code, and as an educator you can enable or disable comments and ratings on your students videos.
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Videos that can enhance student learning.

School tube can be used to enhance many lessons in the classroom. I like the fact that the site is made for teachers to enhance lessons with technology and videos. Students are more apt to view a video than listen to a teacher lecture the lesson. School tube is meant to engage students in a meaningful way. I have found that sometimes it is more difficult to find more meaningful videos on this site. I used these videos to introduce a lesson. If I am trying to enhance a lesson to create a deeper understanding of a concept, I will use Ted Ed or YouTube.
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Cleaned up version of youtube

Because these videos are more closely screened and sifted through, there are limited videos available. That is both good and bad. Students don't care where the video comes from; just that it's a video. Used mostly for Social Studies but switching subject areas so I hope ot be able to provide a better analysis in the future.
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School appropriate videos to share with your students.

This site allows you to search videos that are clean, appropriate, and educational for viewing in your classroom. The search tabs are extremely easy to use, especially compared to the other popular video sharing site.
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