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Fun games for younger students!

This is a great site to use when your students have downtime. It's fun and interactive and offers a number of games at varying levels. It also has the scientific aspect of by offering various video clips, pictures and articles on a number of scientific topics. What I like the most is they offer the visual aspect that many students need to help reinforce their learning.
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A great introductory resource for young students exploring space.

NASA Kids' Club is a great free resources for classrooms that are exploring space. It has a number of games that integrate academic skills (e.g,. letter recognition and telling time) with a space theme but not all of the games are academic. It gives students' access to real pictures and some facts about space from NASA. I wish it went more in-depth with specific information and facts about space and astronauts and was easier to navigate (e.g., it was clearer how to get around and move between activities). I wish more activities were like the storybook and included an option for any text or directions to be read aloud.
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