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Great but very limited tool.

It is a useful tool but it is also very limited. There are only 6 scenarios and there is no customization so children can get bored watching the same thing over and over. It is useful in helping to model two situations kids aren't in very often that being the doctor's office and getting a hair cut which are stressful on every young child, special needs children even more so.
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Brief, visual guide to pro-social behavior in six common settings.

There isn't much to this app, which features six short stories, targeted at children who need assistance navigating social situations. The short, narrated stories feature images of real children describing behavioral expectations in settings such as the grocery store, playground, and doctor's office. If more content were available on this app (i.e. more stories with a wider variety of social settings) through an in-app purchase it could contribute nicely to a school-wide behavior program. A rich variety of similar material is available on the Model Me Kids website, but for a hefty price. In essence, this app is a way to sample the full Model Me Kids program, which might be exactly what you're looking for, but wasn't what I was looking for.
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