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Really nice!!!

Starfall ABCs is a nice way to get children to learn the alphabet. The site uses sound effects to help students understand the pronunciation of each letter and what words start with that letter.
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Great visuals to learn the ABC's

It's fun and easy way to learn the alphabet
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Cute app for younger kids

I thought this app was useful and preschoolers could learn letters using this app. I liked how the app showed visuals for each letter and presented the sound as well. The repetitiveness of it would work for preschoolers but I think would not be engaging for any age group over that. I do think it would help younger kids learn the letters and sounds the letters make especially in a post pandemic world where some parents still choose to keep their children out of preschools.
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Alphabet fun for ELL students!

Starfall ABCs is an excellent app to be used for young students, or ELL students just learning the language. It is a great introduction to letter names and sounds. It also introduces some basic vocabulary with videos, photographs, and songs. I especially appreciate how cues are given to students, to help them move on in the app. A speaking aspect of the app would be beneficial, especially for ELL students. Overall, this is a great tool in my classroom for introduction and practice of alphabet and phonics skills.
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Great Interactive For Kids And Teachers.

The Alphabet And Games They Were Fun To Them.
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A useful yet stunted sliver of its browser-based companion

Since the website provides such a wellspring of resources to indulge students, I would like for the mobile platform to more closely resemble that in future updates.
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Great way for children to learn their ABC's and phonics well playing games.

I like this product as a teaching tool since children are learning as they play games on this app. It can help teach children their ABC's and phonics in a settle way that may be more beneficial for children who are not able to communicate. It can also help teachers how much a student really does know so that the teacher can know what areas to work on when teaching them to retain it under instructional control.
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Starfall ABCs is an excellent resource for those students who struggle with identifying their ABCs.

I think this a valuable tool to utilize in the classroom for any student who may need added support for learning the basic concept of their ABCs.
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Phonics ...not so much

My gripe with the program is I feel as though the educational component of learning the fundamentals of phonics gets lost in the animations. I recommend it as a fun activity for after instruction or as a reward for excellent work during the lesson. Should be free in my opinion.
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Fun, interactive letter recognition and phonemic awareness app for preschool age children!

The letters are learned using visual cues, as well as musical clues and the children have to incorporate the sound of the letter into making simple words as a more advanced way of using the letter. The one thing I would like different is an arrow on the first part of each letter directing the child to move to the next page so they would know what to do next, otherwise they just sit there looking at the letter unless they are told what to do. This app does help reinforce the letters and the sounds better. I feel like this could be a great tool for those children who are really struggling with retaining letter recognition because it uses more of the senses then just visual recognition. I would recommend this for preschool age children.
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