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Only a few activities that line up with NGSS, but all require higher level thought.

I wish that they had more units that lined up with NGSS. Until then, I don't think I can use it too much
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A wealth of information at your fingertips with links to hands on activities!

This is a very good product to use for reinforcing and reviewing information. The links to activities provide an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.
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Great materials for all levels of abilities!

Very well thought out curriculum and activities!
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Activities are brief but have simple support tools.

It was easy to navigate and had some nice topics. Some of the topics had simple activities that would need to be paired with further investigations. The activities also had videos that had to be accessed through YouTube. The Educator Page is still a work in progress but the bottom of the page had related links to connect to other topics. This would be decent to use as an introduction to a topic and a place to go to find information. It would be a tool that I could use to supplement a unit in Science.
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Hands-On Science Projects & Games

The 24/7 Science website provides 4 categories of simple, easy to execute and understand science projects/experiments which are supplemented with games that reinforce concepts. Each project promotes student engagement through investigations followed by questions that solicit thought provoking answers during and following each project. Of the 17 main projects teachers can oversee in any classroom, three were thoroughly explored: Bridge Builder, Bug Hunt, and How Fast is the Wing. Each provided step by step instructions for conducting the projects. Afterwards, students could compare their answers and project findings with students from all around the world. If the goal is to have a consistently memorable science lesson, 24/7 Science delivers because it has hundreds of "Going Further" science projects which build upon concepts learned in previous projects. Exceptional learning needs students will have no problem participating in the projects due to the simplicity by which projects are executed. Each project is high on the observation scale which lends itself towards discovery learning. Each project is teacher-led, but hands-on for students. Projects appear to have been designed to gradually help students think across all levels of the cognitive domain of learning. These projects lend themselves well towards building exciting student discussions in small groups and ultimately the full class.
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