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Creative and Easy to Use!

I think this tool is super easy to use! I loved how much variation is possible with it. I think even more scenes and outfit choices could be added.
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Engaging and perfect way for students to express their creativity

It is easy to use, and super fun and engaging for students. There are many options for scenes and characters and students could enjoy creating their own comics based on the lessons. The layout is simple and can be a great tool in the classroom.
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Creative and engaging!

This was a fun way to help develop students' artistic and storytelling skills, while also providing an engaging way of teaching. Comics are a great medium for engaging students in both the visual and narrative, and also how to combine the two, so this creates a great environment for learning. It is an effective tool to help complement a teacher's curriculum.
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I dont recommend pixton because it advertizes politics when it should not, it also doesnt teach anything to students and the instructions are sometimes complicated when this should be an easy no politics website for children or anyone else.

i dont like it
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This product is fantastic!

Pixton Edu is great because it really engages the user. Instead of reading paragraphs and expecting to memorize a bunch of dates, this product turn it into an action comic book. Children love cartoons and this is a great way to appeal to them.
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Difficult and complicated to use. Kids did not like to make the effort to figure it out.
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WARNING SCAM: Will keep charging you after you cancel your subscription!!!!!

Tool was great, but I am not a fan of getting scammed out of my money..... so overall, downloading it was a bad choice. Not worth the hassle and the extra charges.
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Students show their learning with Animation

It is a great tool that allows students to show their learning in a creative way. I like all the teacher tools built in. I like that students can customize their characters. It is quite a robust program, so it does take time to learn all that it offers.
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Great alternative for storytelling.

I thought this was a great website for students to use their imaginations to create an original story. From a teacher aspect, it was easy to get the students set up in an account. I also like how the students work is submitted to me prior to it being released to the rest of the class. This feature also allows me to read it before hand and send back their projects with suggestions even when I am not in class! Makes grading a lot easier!
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Great Tool For Storytelling

Take Bitstrips, add more pictures ( pixton's database is awesome) add more physical controls for student's virtual character and you got!
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