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We are all in this together! Global Citizenship starts early. Exposure to relevant topics at an age appropriate level. Great for Students, Parents, and Educators.

I loved that there are targeted audiences for the information. The family resource is a great tool to create the home and school connection and engagement. Parents can read the articles with their children to spark substantive and age appropriate conversations about relevant information that impact the life and health of their family. What is also wonderful is the online articles have a read aloud option. Therefore, struggling readers and/or illiterate parents can still engage with their children. Social and emotionally this is beneficial for the family. Moreover, the parent is more connected with what their child is learning at school and is a great incentive to become more involved with their child's academic progress.
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Blocked in China

Love the age leveling.
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Great for struggling readers - high intrest

I find the articles useful for reading activities across the curriculum for my lower readers. Students are able to access relevant information that they can understand and use.
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Kid-friendly current events and skill building.

The Time for Kids website ( is a free and invaluable resource for encouraging students to read, think and talk about current events, both national and international. The site is very well organized, including sections on current stories, mini-sites on topics of special interest (Election 2012 or the London Olympics, for example), pictures and video, and student polls. The Homework Helper section includes tips on writing different types of papers, a grammar guide and links to writing tools like an online thesaurus and bibliography writing tips. Some teacher resources on the site (quizzes and worksheets for example) are available only with a subscription, but the lion's share of the site is available to kids, teachers and families for free.
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