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Not as interactive as I would hope... Can predict children struggling or becoming disinterested.

As a teaching tool, I would prefer the app to give more feedback to students. I feel like if it were more interactive and engaging that it would be more beneficial to students and especially to those with special needs. I hope that they update the app so that it could be more gentle and helpful for children.
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More of a 'test' for social vocabulary than a game for preschool kids

This app was not what I expected, and I'm disappointed that I paid for it. My son tried it out, and he LOVES the iPad and pretty much anything on it! He does have special needs, and he does not speak, but he is a master at using the iPad. He began navigating his way through the program easily, but he lost interest pretty quickly. He has gone back to it several times, but he does not use it in the way it is intended. He likes the fact that it does not have an "end" and he can click on anything without the "game" starting over, but he has not learned anything about the vocabulary it is teaching. There were also questions such as, "Click on the monkey," that I had a hard time figuring out because although the characters are cute, it is not always obvious what it is supposed to be. My recommendation is to save your money. There are free educational apps out there that have more educational value.
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